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At   Sutton   Court   Lodge,   our   meetings   follow   the   traditional   Masonic   values, but   we   are   extremely   friendly   and   our   Festive   Boards   (the   meals   after   the meeting) are some of the most enjoyable in the County.
There   are   many   myths   about   Freemasonry;   some   are   laughably   inaccurate,   others highly   complimentary.      The   fact   is   that   the   international   fraternity   of   Freemasonry   is one    of    the    largest    charitable    organisations    in    the    world.        From    its    earliest    days, Freemasonry   has   been   concerned   with   the   care   of   orphans,   the   sick   and   the   aged.      This work continues today. Our   members   come   from   all   backgrounds   -   Freemasonry   is   not   an   elitist   organisation   - there are Kings and there are cobblers; there are company directors and there are cleaners... everybody is welcome!
* in some circumstances, we can consider membership from University students aged 18 and over.
Our    members    are    motivated    to    join    for    many    differing reasons;    for    some,    it’s    about    making    new    friends    and acquaintances;    for    others    it’s    about    being    able    to    help deserving    causes    –    making    a    contribution    to    family    and society. But for most, it is an enjoyable hobby. We   are   non-political,   we   welcome   members   from   all   races, religions   and   nationalities,   we   do   not   discriminate   on   age... all   that   we   expect   is   that   you   are   male,   aged   over   21*   and   of good standing in the community.
Probably much less than you think!  The membership fees at Sutton Court Lodge are very reasonable and compare favourably with many other clubs and societies.  Our fee structure is listed here. Freemasonry really is affordable and it is an extremely rewarding pastime for those that belong to the movement.