The cost of becoming a Freemason is probably much less than you think - you really do not have to be a millionaire to be a member! All   members   who   join   Sutton   Court   Lodge   will   pay   a   one-off   ‘joining   fee’   of   £90.00 , which may be subject to a discount for candidates under 25 years of age. Lodge Subscriptions The   annual   subscription   at   Sutton   Court   Lodge   from   2018   is   £250.00    which   includes   all meals   after   our   meetings.      If   you   bring   a   guest,   you   will   be   expected   to   pay   for   their dining costs, currently £30.  What if I join midway through a year? The   Lodge   year   runs   from   June,   so   if   you   join   Sutton   Court   Lodge   after   September, your   Lodge   subscription   will   be   reduced   by   50%.      The   one-off   joining   fee   remains   the same whenever you join.          Dress Code Sutton   Court   Lodge,   like   most   Lodges,   has   a   ‘dress   code’   where   we   expect   our members   to   wear   a   dark   lounge   suit,   shirt   with   a   white   collar,   a   black   tie   (or Middlesex   Province   tie)   and   black   shoes.   As   you   progress   in   Freemasonry, certain   items   of   regalia   will   be   required,   which   are   not   expensive   to   buy new and can often be bought ‘second-hand’ at very reasonable prices. Charitable Events Occasionally,   the   Lodge   will   run   a   charity   event   to   raise   money   for   good   causes   - you   will   remember   that   Freemasonry   is   a   charitable   organisation   and   we   do encourage   our   members   to   donate   to   charity   according   to   their   means.     However,   as   a   Lodge   member,   you   will   not   be   pressured   into   attending any   charitable   event   and   neither   will   you   be   forced   to   donate   to   any charity;   Freemasons   believe   that   giving   to   charity   is   a   matter   of   your   own   conscience   and   you   may   already   donate   to charities elsewhere… but naturally, we hope you will support our charities.
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