Sutton    Court    Lodge    meets    four    times    a    year    in    the    fabulous Twickenham   District   Masonic   Centre,   in   Middlesex.      There   are   three main   meeting   rooms   and   several   smaller   rooms   where   committee   and instruction   meetings   can   be   scheduled,   and   dining   rooms   where   we enjoy    our    ‘festive    board’    after    our    meetings.       As    many    of    our members    drive    to    attend    our    meetings,    Sutton    Court    Lodge    has taken   the   responsible   decision   not   to   include   wine   at   the   festive board,   leaving   it   to   the   discretion   of   individual   members   whether   they choose to drink or not.  The   centre   has   ample   secure   (free)   car   parking,   a   large   lawn   for outside   events   and   is   often   used   to   host   Rugby   functions   from   the nearby Twickenham stadium.  During   the   war   the   centre   was   used   as   a   dancehall   for   the   American   Soldiers   from   the   Bushy   Park   Garrison,   and   when   they   left   as there was no use for a hotel in the Twickenham area at the time, the building was left to deteriorate. In   September   1950,   the   Twickenham   District   Masonic   Council   Ltd.   was   registered   and   formed   under   the   Chairmanship   of   the   late   W. Brother   V.G.   Heptinstall   and   the   premises   were   brought.   The   32   original   Lodges   and   Chapters   and   the   hard   work   of   many   Masons   has made Cole Court the premier Masonic Centre in Middlesex.
Sutton   Court   Lodge   meets   on   the   fourth   Friday   of   January,   March,   June   (Installation)   and   September      at   5.00pm   in   the   afternoon.      We have   many   members   who   live   outside   the   county   of   Middlesex   and   most   come   to   our   meetings,   commuting   often   some   300   miles,   so we   try   to   be   sufficiently   flexible   that   our   festive   board   concludes   at   about   9.00pm,   allowing   those   who   are   driving   to   be   home   at   a reasonable hour... but for those who are local and using public transport, the bar is open until later.
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