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During our period of COVID-19 shutdown, we have taken the opportunity to have a good look at our Lodge Banner, with a view of updating it ready for when the Lodge resumes its meetings. This is something which has been discussed many times in the past but despite the best of intentions it hasn’t happened. A small Banner Working Party was set up in July, and by holding regular ZOOM meetings we have made considerable progress.  We have retrieved our banner from Cole Court and have now had a good inspection.  Sadly, the news is not good!  The condition is such, that it has been deemed unrepairable.  The Working Party has decided the best way forward is to commission a brand-new banner.
Once we have taken delivery of our new banner, we need to have it dedicated. Preparations are well under way to make our September 2021 meeting special and something to remember. We will be holding a BANNER DEDICATION CEREMONY on Friday 24th September 2021 in place of our normal Lodge meeting Not many of us in Freemasonry have ever attended or witnessed a Banner Dedication Ceremony, and now-adays it is a ceremony that is becoming increasingly rare. Middlesex Province is supporting this venture and are working closely with the Lodge to ensure it will be a memorable ceremony not to be missed.
Between now and September 2021 there is a lot of hard work and preparation to be undertaken. Ideas are developing at a fast rate of knots and our aims include: - Reserving rooms at the Premier Inn close by so those who have to travel can stay overnight - Special dining arrangements, including a special menu, and favourable terms for our Country Members - A meeting of around 100 attendees For the latest progress and infomation contact :- trsa@suttoncourtfreemasons.org.uk
Donating to our Banner Fund If you’d like to help us with our banner fund we can accept donations via cheque or via BACS/Mobile Payments. Please contact our Treasurer for details. trsa@suttoncourtfreemasons.org.uk