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PRINCIPLED: For many, Freemasonry's biggest draw is the fact that members come from all walks of life and meet as equals whatever their race, religion or socio-economic position in society. FRIENDSHIP: Freemasonry provides a unique environment for people from all backgrounds to learn skills, make lasting friendships, achieve their potential and, above all, have fun. PURPOSE: Freemasonry is more relevant and important to society today than ever, as it encompasses and embraces all the fundamental principles of good citizenship. OPENNESS: Freemasonry prides itself on its transparency. Not only are Freemasons completely free to acknowledge their membership, they are encouraged to do so. GIVING: Freemasons make a major contribution to society through their own charities, as well as through donations to UK charities and worldwide disaster relief funds, with members playing an active role in their communities. GROWTH: Every Freemason embarks on his own journey of self-discovery when he enters the organisation.
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